4/26/2018 - IPR Center 10-Year Anniversary Celebration 2008-2018

This year, the IPR Center celebrates its many collaborative initiatives over the past years with its 23 partner agencies and industry in the fight against IP crimes.

IPR Center set to mark a decade of excellence and achievement on World IP Day

The National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center) will observe its 10-year anniversary with an open house celebration.

The event on April 26 will coincide with the annual observance of World IP Day, a day to learn about the role that intellectual property rights such as industrial designs, trademarks, and copyright play in encouraging innovation and creativity.

The event will highlight the many collaborative initiatives coordinated by the Center over the years with its 23 partner agencies, industry representatives and stakeholders in the public and private sectors in the fight against counterfeit activity.

  • Operation Chain Reaction (OCR) targets counterfeit items entering the U.S. Government supply chain and critical infrastructure. Counterfeit parts seriously impair supply chains of all sectors, but particularly have the potential to negatively impact Department of Defense missions, affect the integrity and reliability of weapons, imperil the safety of our service members, and pose a risk to our national security.
  • Operation Engine Newity targets the importation and distribution of counterfeit and substandard automotive products, such as counterfeit airbags that endanger the health and safety of consumers.
  • Operation Apothecary targets and interdicts counterfeit pharmaceuticals arriving at various ports of entry, including international mail facilities and express consignment courier facilities.
  • Operation Plastic Beauty targets the illegal importation, sale and distribution of counterfeit healthcare and beauty products. It also targets the online sites that enable the arrangement of importation, sales and delivery.
  • Operation Team Player targets the sale and trafficking of counterfeit sports merchandise, apparel, and tickets. Particular emphasis is placed on high media interest events, such as opening season, all-star games, and championship finals, as opportunities for effective outreach to both consumers and media.
  • Operation In Our Sites targets entities that distribute counterfeit products through infringing internet websites and is focused on developing long-term investigations that identify targets, assets and financial schemes used to operate the sites.
  • Operation Surge Protector is a consumer electronic/technology program that focuses on counterfeit consumer electronics/technology products and replacement parts. It encompasses products that could potentially pose a health and safety risk, and includes, but is not limited to: cellular telephones and accessories, personal computers and tablets, gaming devices, televisions, media streaming devices, as well as other items that utilize a lithium ion battery power source.
  • Commercial Fraud Investigating customs fraud schemes is also an important component of the IPR Center strategy. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations and U.S. Customs and Border Protection – in close cooperation with other law enforcement partners, the private sector, and international components – investigate illicit trade schemes to prevent those goods from illegally entering the United States.

Featuring an Open House and 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center
2541 Crystal Drive, Arlington VA 22202

Thursday April 26, 2018
10:00am - 2:00pm