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Criminals are taking advantage of the increased demand for entertainment by offering dangerous illegal piracy services.

Wednesday, September 16 | 10 am


2021/01/13 15:47:00 UTC

IPR Center forges formal partnership to stop counterfeit goods globally

The National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center has announced a formal partnership with the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition to protect legitimate manufacturers, retailers and consumers, across every sector of the global economy, by preventing illegal counterfeit goods from entering the United States.

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2021/01/06 10:46:00 UTC

Man sentenced to five years for selling fake DVDs

A Maine man has been sentenced to five years in prison and two years of supervised release for mail fraud and copyright infringement stemming from his online sales of counterfeit DVDs.

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2020/12/09 16:12:00 UTC

More than 100,000 counterfeit surgical masks seized in Texas

More than 100,000 counterfeit 3M N95 surgical masks destined to be used by hospital workers have been seized by HSI special agents and CBP officers in El Paso, Texas.

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Report IP Theft

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