Health and Safety Program

This program focuses on investigations regarding the illegal importation of certain restricted merchandise into the United States commerce.   For example, said merchandise may be in the form of adulterated honey or honey containing antibiotics, or flame resistant clothing for children.

Textile Program

This program involves investigations of criminal and civil violations of customs laws carried out through a variety of fraudulent schemes and practices, including false invoicing, false claims of origin, false markings/labeling, misclassification, misdescription, and smuggling.

Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties Programs

These programs involves investigations of schemes to evade the payment of duties imposed on certain imports to help domestic producers compete against foreign suppliers engaged in or benefiting from dumping and export subsidies.

In-bond Diversion and Undervaluation Programs

These programs target foreign materials that are illegally transshipped through the United States on transportation and exportation bonds, and subsequently exported from the United States as falsely-declared U.S.-origin goods.

Trade Agreement Investigations

This program targets illegal importation and exportation of products in violation of free trade agreements. For example, legitimate trade between the United States and Mexico is being adversely impacted by illegal importation and exportation of textile products between the United States and Mexico in violation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), resulting in the loss of revenue for both countries.

Forced Child Labor Program

This program involves investigations of the illegal importation of merchandise mined, manufactured or produced, wholly or in part, in any foreign country, through the use of forced labor, prison labor, and/or indentured labor under penal sanctions (including forced child labor).

Environmental Crimes Program

This program involves investigations of the importation and exportation of endangered and non-native detrimental species; unapproved or non-compliant automobiles, machinery and other equipment; environmentally hazardous materials and chemicals; and prohibited and contaminated animal and vegetable food products.

Tobacco Program

This program involves investigations of the domestic and international smuggling of cigarettes, trafficking in counterfeit and stolen cigarettes, and international money laundering investigations where one of the underlying crimes is tobacco-related.